2E Swashbuckling Rules

Ability Scores

We will be using the Rules Cyclopedia ability modifiers, they are as follows:

3 -3
4-5 -2
6-8 -1
9-12 no modifier
13-15 +1
16-17 +2
18 +3

These modifiers affect:

Strength Attack Modifier, Damage Modifier
Dexterity Reaction Adjustment, Missile Fire Adjustment, Defensive Adjustment
Constitution Hit Point Adjustment
Wisdom Magical Attack Adjustment

All other ability modifiers are unchanged.

Character Classes

Class Group Source Notes
Cleric Priest PHB Christian priests, cannot use spells to harm men directly. Does not need to prepare spells, they simply pray for spell slots and use whatever spell they choose at the time of casting; however they only gain spell slots once per week (usually on Sunday). May gain proficiency in any weapon. Turn Undead, acts as both a dispel magic and can turn supernatural beings.
Dabbler (Bard) Rogue PHB Uses arcane spells.
Fighter Warrior PHB All warriors gain a number of attacks per round as if specialized.
Paladin Warrior PHB Only available as a split class to 9th level fighters
Preacher (Bard) Rogue PHB Uses divine spells.
Scholar (Wizard) Wizard PHB May learn both arcane and divine spells. Scholars must specialize before gaining 3rd level, all first level spells are available to all scholars.
Thief Rogue PHB May increase proficiencies with discretionary points on a 10 for 1 basis.
Unavailable Classes Druid, Ranger


Source Kits Allowed
Complete Barbarian Dreamwalker (Shaman), Medicine Man (Shaman), Plainsrider (Native Brave, Huntsman), Seer(Shaman), Witchman (African Shaman only), Wizard Slayer (any class)

Armor and Defense

A swashbuckler doesn’t stumble around in plate, making a racket.

  • Your AC is equal to your THAC0 minus 10, minus your Dexterity Adjustment.

There are only three types of armor: leather, mail, and plate. Mail is out of favor with all but the berserkers of the Kingdoms of the Great Lakes.

  • Leather Armor absorbs 1d3 points of damage from all sources.
  • Mail Armor absorbs 1d6 damage from bludgeoning and slashing weapons, 1d3 from piercing and elemental attacks. It absorbs only 1 point of damage from firearms.
  • Plate Armor absorbs 1d10 damage from slashing, bludgeoning, and piercing attacks; 1d6 damage from firearms and elemental attacks.

2E Swashbuckling Rules

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